Long Island Driveway Company

DSC01501_0069_1-1024x768Curb appeal is a term that has become part of our everyday lives.  To reach the proper level of curb appeal we will keep our lawns finely manicured, design our gardens by the season and take care to ensure that the façade of our house is pristine and pleasing to the eye.  Around our house we will install paved walkways, patios and stoops to bring the landscape and our home together in one vibrant, aesthetically pleasing unit.  But what about the driveway?  Driveways are one of the more utilitarian features of our homes.  It is where we park our vehicles and where our kids play. A dull, cracked driveway that looks like a generic parking lot can diminish the overall picture of beautifully manicured lawn, amazing gardens and a grand façade on the house.  Like all people who are house-proud, you want visitor’s eyes to pop and to see that admiring look in their eyes as they approach your home.  So if your driveway looks drab and utilitarian, Long Island driveway company, Jesco Brick and Concrete can help.

For nearly two decades, homeowners who have wanted to upgrade their driveways using top of the line paving stones have come to us.  We are experts at turning even the drabbest driveway into fashionable features, a driveway so nice that you may not want to park your vehicles there for fear that someone might not appreciate the beauty.  During our initial consultation we discuss with you what you are looking for and provide suggestions for what is possible.  We will take into consideration all aspects of the property that come into contact with the driveway, from the skirt leading off the street, the walkways that lead away from the  paver driveway and the entrance to your garage.  We will measure to ensure that our design will fit within the boundaries we have to work with and we can even expand the existing driveway area if you so desire.

From paving stones driveways to asphalt & concrete.

For materials, we offer a number of solutions that will provide you a palate with which to create from.  As we can construct driveways that are all paver stone, all cement or all blacktop we are equally adept at combining these materials to create a more eye-catching affect.  As with all of our work, our driveways offer both form and fashion, where simple basic care will make the last year after year regardless of what man or Mother Nature throws at them.

Long Island paver driveway contractors, Jesco know that your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.  We will consult with you throughout the process, ensuring that your needs and desires are met.  This shows in our spotless with both the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Consumer Affairs.  Call us today so we can provide you with the quote that is the first step in creating the driveway you deserve.