Long Island fire pit and outdoor kitchen builders

image3-1024x768Along with some great landscaping, you are ready to entertain but you sense something is missing.  A focal point, something that gets attracts attention while inspiring a sense of togetherness. Long Island fire pit builders, Jesco Brick and Concrete has some solutions.

The focal point of your dreams, and there may be more than one, can serve many purposes.  It can foster a sense of relaxation or celebration.  If the goal is to relax, enjoy simple pleasures and a sense of togetherness with your significant other or your family, nothing is better than a fire pit.  A well-built fire has been long used as a gathering point for groups to share meals, warmth and togetherness.  From the simple campfire when sleeping out on a camping trip to a bonfire on a beach on warm summer night to the fireplace around which people gathered during cooler months, a simple collection of burning logs can mean so much to so many.  But for the purposes of backyard entertaining, something a bit more elegant is required.

Jesco can build you a fire pit that is both beautiful to look at as well as being fun and easy to use.  Utilizing the best materials available, we will construct a fire pit that delivers all of the enjoyment you desire while being safe and simple to use.  Along with an elegant fire pit, the installation can include seating areas with benches constructed of the same materials used for the fire pit or we can create a mini patio around the fire pit so you can use your favorite chairs.

Another alternative for a focal point also speaks to community and togetherness but also of good times and camaraderie.  Nothing can make your patio area more of a showplace than your own custom, outdoor bar.   The epitome of entertaining is to serve your guests everything from a cold beer to an elegant mixed drink in style.  To this end, Jesco can construct a bar for you that will allow you to make sure that your backyard party is complete with the ultimate gathering spot for good times and great memories.  Using the same materials that your patio was built with or creating something totally different that will stand out. Call Long Island outdoor kitchen contractors today for a free estimate.