Long Island Walkway Company

Copy-of-DSC02144_0011-1024x768Sometimes the things we use are the ones that we think about the least but that also get noticed the most.  Around the home one of these are the walkways that are used to get to the entrance to the home and to get around the exterior of the property.  These are items that we very often take little notice of as we use them because we will not be on them for long.  As with many other tasks that we perform repetitiously each day, walking from one point to another is a time for thinking about anything else but walking.

However, not only do we want the walkways around our home to be safe for use but we should also want them to look the best they can.  To fit into the general look of the home.  First impressions can be formed by visitors and if you are looking to sell our home, a poorly designed or unattractive walkway that does not provide safe passage can be a detriment to achieving maximum return on investment.

Long Island walkway company, Jesco Brick and Concrete understands this and for nearly two decades we have been helping our friends and neighbors throughout Suffolk County create walkways that are safe to use and that offer the ultimate in visual impact and increased property value.  We will survey the property, examining where you would like the walkways to go and determine the best materials and design for the job.  We will examine existing walkways to determine what issues may be present that could affect the new installation and also see what is required to excavate the old prior to beginning the new installation.

In terms of materials, Jesco utilized a number of different materials in the work we do but the best materials for creating walkways are paving stones.  Paving stones offer greater flexibility in design, greater variety in the visual appearance of the walkway and greater ease of maintenance.  The walkways we have designed and built have included ones that lead from the driveway or sidewalk in front of houses to the front door, walkways that lead around the house to the backyard and on larger properties we have built walkways that lead through more extensive landscape providing an elegant walk that allows for greater display of all of the homes magnificent vistas.  Regardless of the size or location of the walkway, Jesco can make all of your dreams and wishes come true.