Stoops & Steps

Stoop1-1024x768You take pride in your home and you want it to be a showplace for the entire neighborhood.  The first impressions that visitors will make about your home can be hard to overcome.  So, as visitors approach your front door, the steps they climb to reach it should be as grand and inviting as your front door is.  For many, the front stoop leading to their home is a utilitarian feature but the possibilities are there to make it an integral part of the whole façade.  If you have a custom driveway with custom walkways leading to the front door, shouldn’t that custom look continue until the visitors enter your home?   Your front stairs, or even the back stoop, should be an extension of your other custom masonry linking all to the entire house design motif.

For almost two decades, Long Island stoop & step installers, Jesco customers have learned that our skill and expertise at designing and installing custom stoops is second to none.  Now it is time for you to discover the same.  From the initial consultation, through the choosing of design and materials to the installation of your new custom steps, the team at Jesco will work with you to ensure that your vision is realized completely.  We will remove the existing stoop quickly and replace it with a stoop that will make your home complete.  Call us now for a consultation.

Long Island Retaining Walls

Some properties have very simple layouts, others have topographies that are challenging.  Some have undulations that make mowing and maintaining the lawn difficult.  Simultaneously, some properties have very flat topographies that make it difficult to create a garden that stands out.  It is in cases like these were a retaining wall can be added to simplify maintenance or to create raised flowerbeds.  While some landscape designer can create a simple wall using a variety of materials, Long Island retaining wall builders, Jesco takes it one elegant step further.

We can create custom designed paver block walls that will add eye-catching features to your property while drawing all aspects of your landscaping and paved areas together.  This will provide your home with a complete and finished look that will dazzle the eye of all who pass by or visit.  If the purpose of the retaining wall is to create a raised garden, we can ensure that the design and materials will meld perfectly with the rest of the landscape while providing a canvas for you or your gardener to create a masterpiece from nature’s palette.

Due to the flowing nature of the Long Island landscape, we have become well versed in helping homeowners deal with challenging landscapes. The paver block walls we design and install will create a visual impact that will have your whole neighborhood talking.  For those with eye toward possibly sell their homes in the future, our retaining walls can help to add value to your home, as they will help to overcome landscape issues that creates challenges for maintenance.  Whatever the reason you may be looking to add architectural features to your property landscape, Jesco has the skills and experience to make your every desire come true.